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MCT Wellness Reviews

Below are actual customer reviews of MCT Wellness. Click on these Gundry MD reviews to read about why people love Gundry MD MCT Wellness.

MCT Wellness Reviews

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Kurt Sexton, on 05-02-2022

I feel great but haven't seen any weight lose yet. Just starting my second month

Beverly, on 05-02-2022
Excellent product

The product is excellent. It gives me energy and it has helped me with the cravings for sweet. I started with one jar and I have already ordered 3 more. Love the product. Highly recommend.

Cheryl Reel Bogart, on 05-01-2022
The new me

The drink is delicious. I am moving at a steady pace all day. It is a great feeling not to feel a lag while you are completing tasks. It is great at the end of the day to know you have accomplished all that you set out to do. And you are still up for a fun evening with the family.

Ivan Canjar, on 05-01-2022
It become my morning routine

Since i got this product I use it to break fasting. Gives me more energy during a day, makes fasting and loosing pounds much easier.

Brett Bothe, on 04-08-2022
Sustainable energy

Really like the flavor and the smooth energy boost in the afternoons when normally I want to rest. I have really noticed a difference in my energy levels. I have also noticed that I sleep better at night. I look forward to sustainable wellness.

Justin Larson, on 04-06-2022
Little energy boost smoother digestion and overall healthier feeling.

Just finishing up my first jar now.Seems to aid in digestion, A small boost and energy and an overall very natural healthy feeling. Food cravings seem subdued and an overall boost and a calm vitality.

Tracy Thiers, on 04-06-2022

Prior to using this I was tired often. Someone just said to me what have you done to your face, your skin looks so great and natural.

Renee Shortlidge, on 04-06-2022
Great start!!

I'm at the tail end of my first jar. My energy level has been much improved and my clothes are looser. Not much of a scale watcher, but something good is going on!!

Theresa Sabens, on 04-06-2022
More energy

I definetly have more energy after taking this product. Which is very helpful.

Terrence Abrams, on 04-05-2022
Energy is up, weight has begun to drop. This appears to be working, but more time is needed to review in a fully qualified manner.

Been taking this now for 1 full month, and my drowsiness has reduced a bit, and I can tell my waistline is tightening up some. The taste is not bad, can be a refresher while taking it, and the mix dissolves in water better than most. I've added this to my daily regimen of high-potency vitamins and a daily super-food drink as well. I'm about to take another Gundry product and see how that goes. Personally, I think the Gundry line could be reduced to just 5 products, as there's too much overlap in what they're all advertised to do, but MCET seems to fill a nice spot. I will post again after initial my 3-month supply runs out. I have to see if this is consistent and does not fall off in effectiveness over time.

Rita Hassouneh, on 04-05-2022
Feeling great

An awesome product. I now only have one coffee in the morning and drink my MCT wellness drink in the afternoon!!!

Tonia Jennings, on 04-04-2022
Gives me more energy during the day.

It has a nice taste to it. Easy to add to a bottle of water on the go.

Sarah, on 04-30-2022
Tastes good!

I've recently had a friend tell me that my skin looks great (no makeup on at the time). I agree that my skin looks better than it has in years!

Frank M Ruta, on 04-30-2022

Great product, taste is refreshing. I also have been loosing some weight.

Patricia Rossignol, on 04-30-2022

MCT wellness is working fine and dissolves in water as directed. It tastes okay and not too sweet.

Julie B., on 04-03-2022

I've been using MCT Wellness for about a month now and have noticed that beside extra energy, my skin is clearer and glowing and my hair seems fuller and thicker! I also see a better clarity and a decrease in sugar cravings!

Denise Ingertila, on 04-29-2022
Refreshing Drink to have during the day

Great taste, refreshing and satisfies my sweet tooth without having any sugary drinks.

Brad Herndon, on 04-29-2022
High Quality Product!

I have really been enjoying MCT Wellness. Great taste and overall feeling more energized and noticing some positive changes in weight and overall health.

Kevin Kirkwood, on 04-29-2022
Take a leap!

Great tasting product, mixes in well with my smoothie in the am after workout. Definitely noticed more energy and mental sharpness from first day. Lost an additional 7-10 lbs in the last month. Never felt any drag down at the end of the day;] Ordered three products this time I may have found what I have been looking for!!

Patti, on 04-29-2022
MCT Wellness

Great taste, mental clarity has improved, have not seen any changes in the weight category.

Denise Myles, on 04-29-2022

MCT wellness gave me more energy. No wait loss.

Donna White-Elliott, on 04-27-2022
MC Wellness

Great taste. Refreshing and healthy too

Amsal, on 04-27-2022

I love the refreshing taste of the MCT. I have notice some changes on my weight and hope it will continue.

Stephan D, on 04-26-2022
MCT Wellness

Tasty drink and feel energized and more aware! Re-ordering!!

Scott Woods, on 04-25-2022
Good stuff

Been using MCT Wellness for a few weeks, no bloating and have more energy during the day. Also have lost some weight!

Elvia, on 04-25-2022
Positive all around

I have been taking MCT for aprox 3 weeks, now. I have also restarted working on my diet and exercise. I feel that MCT has helped me with this by giving me more energy and being able to stay focused. I'm a mom and currently finishing an RN program online. Trying to stay in shape, fit, and maintain that energy and focus is difficukt, but MCT has been a great factor in this!

Kristy Wood, on 04-24-2022

I've used MCT for about three weeks. The mental clarity has been the most notable change. The flavor is definitely not my favorite compared to the other products. Hoping for my weight to change soon.

Peg Ruiz, on 04-23-2022
Exceeds expectations

MCT Wellness has helped me curb my sweet tooth cravings! Refreshing drink w/ ice in afternoon. AND I seem to be losing weight!

Melanie Polak, on 04-22-2022

I am feeling more sustained energy and not hungry at mid-morning like I used to be.

Donna Patchin, on 04-21-2022
Feel great

Since taking MCT wellness I have noticed more energy.I don't have the afternoon stomach bloating has gone and going to bathroom better.Thanks

Melissa, on 04-20-2022

I recv'd my 6mos supply on 4/19/22 & began using it on 4/20/22. At first I didn't want to attribute my energy to the product because I thought I was just trying to convince myself prematurely..You know, believing something is happening when it's not. But this afternoon I couldn't deny it! I've been busy all day but had the overwhelming determination to get 45min workout in at the gym! Amazing!!! So very glad I got the 6mos supply but my hubby joined me so I have to share!!!! Guess I'll need to alter my re-supply date 🥰 Thank you Dr Gundry—My goal is to lose weight and feel better. This product makes the journey doable. Thank you!!!!

Howard Stein, on 04-18-2022
MCT Wellness

I have been using the product now for 3 weeks and feel more alert and keeping my weight off.

Melissa, on 04-17-2022
I can feel a positive change

I could feel a positive change in the first week of drinking MCT wellness ....less bloating, sleeping better, and not feeling hungry.

Wayne, on 04-17-2022

Losing weight, feeling better and believe that with my diet, MCT is helping

Deananne Surratt, on 04-15-2022
New user

I have not been using MCTwellness for even 30 days but already feel much more alert and have more energy.

Sheri Miller, on 04-14-2022
Enjoying it very much so far!

I haven't been on MCT wellness very long but I'm loving it so far and am excited to see results as I continue taking it.

Healthy New, on 04-14-2022

MCT help me loose wait I like it because I don't have to always concern about what I am eating Still keep me healthy.

Allison Murphy, on 04-13-2022
Love the taste

The taste is so good my skeptical husband is addicted.

Jennifer Thompson, on 04-13-2022
Really Great MCT Product!

I just finished my first jar of MCT Wellness and I have definitely experienced greater mental acuity and a smoother digestion! Most MCT supplements in the past have not been a positive experience. I'm delighted to attest this supplement WORKS!!

Robert Drake Jr, on 04-12-2022
Good product!

Great to improve mental focus and good digestion!

Karen Ann Anderson, on 04-12-2022
Feeling ten years younger

I was so tired until I found this product...I can't believe how much energy and mental clarity I have...I'm turning my whole family onto it!!!

Becky Green, on 04-12-2022
Feeling GOOD

I want to share with you the results of using this over the last 3 weeks. Increased energy and stamina, clearer thinking and less overall bloated feeling. I look forward to drinking my snack every day. It dissolves easily and tastes good as well! I feel like I have done something positive for myself and notice a boost in my overall health. Thanks Dr Gundry!!

Lewis Fulkerson, on 04-11-2022
Works very well

The product works very well, and does all it is supposed to do. My wife and I take it at least once a week and we have both benefited. We keep it on the kitchen island just to make sure we remember to use it. We measure the water, the pour it into a glass with the powder, then warm it up a little for better mixing, and drink it. We both feel much better every time.

Cheryl, on 04-10-2022
Amazing flavor!

I have better energy with fewer crashes.

Laney, on 04-10-2022
Bloating Gone

That is the best part of MCT!!!

Ken Wilson, on 03-31-2022

Easy to drink, great flavor

Dr. Kimberly Samaha, on 03-31-2022
Lots of Energy

Really finding that I have a lot of energy especially in the afternoons when I usually go for a chocolate and coffee- now I have my MCT and power through with focus and no sugar crash and craving or caffeine jitters.

Kathy Gardner, on 03-31-2022

I take in the morning. I found the increase in energy and mood. Easy to take.

Rich Reutti, on 03-30-2022
MCT Review

Frankly, it is the best tasting of any of the supplements I take. I feel a clam energy and mental focus. Been a fan of MCT oil but its high fat. This solves that challenge. I highly recommend.

Daniel Jackson, on 03-30-2022

Tastes pretty good even though it's not a flavor I normally like. I found I have to add way more water than it calls for to dissolve. I mix a scoop into a quart mason jar, but it sure helps me get my water intake!

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What Is Gundry MD MCT Wellness?

MCT Wellness is a plant-based, keto-friendly, lectin-free nutritional supplement made from medium-chain triglyceride oils and bioflavonoids. Did you know that consuming the right kind of fat can actually help your body burn fat? The MCT oil in this formula can support your body’s natural production of ketones to encourage weight loss, fat burning, boosted energy, and more. Let’s look at MCT Wellness reviews and examine the ingredients and potential benefits of this product.†*

What Ingredients Are In MCT Wellness?

The potential benefits of this powder come from its impressive list of science-backed ingredients. Here’s a look at what’s inside Gundry MD’s MCT Wellness.

How Does MCT Wellness Work?

When you consume MCT Wellness, your body can break down C8 MCT oil and convert it into ketones that can be used as energy. MCT oil has also been shown to support a feeling of fullness, which may help you achieve easier weight management.

The berry extracts and grape extract help ketones circulate throughout the body efficiently so they can be used for energy. These bioflavonoids also support boosted mental sharpness and an elevated mood.†*8-11

Gundry MD MCT Wellness Potential Benefits

According to many MCT Wellness reviews this product can:

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Where Can Consumers Buy MCT Wellness?

Consumers can buy MCT Wellness directly from Gundry MD’s website: Gundry MD is also a hub for lectin-free recipes, human health advice, and occasional promotion codes and discounts on Gundry MD products.

How Do I Take MCT Wellness?

To take MCT Wellness, stir a scoop of powder into the beverage of your choice. You can keep it simple and mix it with water or nut milks, or you can add it to your morning routine and mix it in with your morning coffee or tea.

Gundry MD MCT Wellness Recommended Dosage

For optimal results, Gundry MD recommends that you take one scoop of MCT Wellness powder per day.

Gundry MD MCT Wellness Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

In MCT Wellness reviews, customers comment that “food cravings seem subdued,” they feel a “calm vitality,” they have, “more energy throughout the day,” and renewed “mental focus.” To read more Gundry MD customer reviews, visit†*

Gundry MD MCT Wellness Refund Policy

If you think Gundry MD MCT Wellness is for you, you can try it risk-free. Gundry MD offers a 90-day money back guarantee on all of their products. Order a jar and try it consistently. If you don’t notice the feel-good health effects that MCT Wellness reviews rave about, you can simply contact the customer service team to get a full refund of your purchase price (minus shipping).

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.